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Extending healthy cognitive lifespans

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The brain is the body’s most important organ

Why don’t we treat it that way?

Images of the brain and symptom reporting, tell us nothing about how well the brain is functioning.

MYndspan is revolutionizing brain health

By empowering YOU with the richest information about your brain and how it’s functioning.

MYndspan combines actual brain connectivity and cognitive function (things like memory and attention) to give you actionable information about your brain and mental health.

Our technology makes us different. 

MYndspan allows you to monitor your brain health over time in a way that YOU can understand.

We can inform areas of your brain health that could use some ATTENTION.

Identify issues before they’re a problem and help extend your HEALTHY COGNITIVE LIFESPAN.

MYndspan is currently in development and enrolling beta users at selected sites.

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MYndspan in the News

MYndspan’s Caitlin Baltzer, and Advisory Board Members Dr.’s Ben Dunkley and Karolina Urban talk to CTV News about MYndspan’s concussion study (formerly RENITA Medical) which aims to close the gender data gap and build a concussion tool that takes biological sex into account.

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